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Creambell: Asia’s Most Promising Brands 2019 – Creating Value through Ice Cream

Creambell – A truly Inspiring Asian Ice Cream delight


Creambell: Asia’s Most Promising Brands 2019 – Creating Value through Ice Cream

Creambell – A truly Inspiring Asian Ice Cream delight


What is your brand proposition?

The brand has been built over innovation to provide new experiences to the customers.

Over the years consumer interaction with the category has undergone tremendous change. With so many choices available to the consumers, across category, even in food they are experimenting, the palette has been expanding like never before. Consumers are open to trying all international cuisines to satisfy their urge of experimentation and new experiences. At the same time, they are well aware and grounded to their roots and are still mesmerized with the richness of authentic Indian flavours. In lieu of the above trend, we too look at our innovation from the lenses of these needs and have centered our innovation around the following proposition

  • Fantasia – International flavours / desserts / ingredients to provide the best of the desserts around the world
  • Royal Affair – Royal Rich Desi flavours reminiscence of richness of Indian dessert culture
  • Fun Twist – Truly unexpected, burst of multiple flavours to provide multitude of experiences in a single product
  • Sacch Mucch – Nature bounty in pristine form an ice cream that provides flavorfulness, messiness of real fruit

What are the current touch-points undertaken by the brand?


Retail presence – Number of touch points




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Social media/Digital marketing


Direct marketing


Any other please specify

E – Commerce

What is the brand image that the company wants to portray to its target group?

A modern, youthful and contemporary brand which generates appeal amongst the key target “Youth of India”.

What according to you are the five competitive brands in the country and in Asia in your category?

Kwality Walls, Amul, Mother Dairy, Havmor, Vadilal

According to you what is the consumer perception of your brand?

As per consumer understanding it is considered to be an innovative brand in the ice Cream category

In the past 12 months what branding and marketing activities has been undertaken by your company to enhance the visibility, recall and acceptability of the brand?

Last year Creambell had undergone brand renovation and came up with a new identity to be seen as a modern, youthful and contemporary brand. This was not a mere change of brand identity but a coming of age for Creambell, a transformation that the company is engineering to take it to the next level. The new identity carries forward our core values on which our brand is built – innovation, quality, trust, and at the same time addresses the latent need of the consumer for simplicity. In the age of plenty, simpler experiences are being valued.

The new logo of Creambell while it brings in the new dimension of simplicity and symbolizes fun, playfulness – at the same time has retained its core element. The existing colour blue remains, though on brighter tone which enunciate a fresher tonality more appropriate for food category. Bell too has been retained however it has been reduced to a single element and has a tilt to it to represent the playfulness

To support the transition, we had undertaken massive retail rebranding so as to build synergies with the new identity as well as communicate the brand proposition. Additionally, retail branding was supported by OOH and print media.

What has been the achievement of your brand in the last 3 years?

Cream Bell is amongst the top 5 brands in India.

What is the brands current digital strategy?

We believe Digital will be the way forward for the brand given the precise targeting that can be achieved. We are currently experimenting with the platform and going forward it could be driving our media strategy. Currently our presence is primarily driven by website, Social Media presence and E -Commerce.

What innovative measures the brand has taken to reach consumer digitally?

Recently we have done consumer promotion on selected stores and the same was promoted on digital through geo-local targeting within a captive area of 0.5 – 1 km around the shop. The ads were served on facebook and Instagram with a call to action wherein the consumers could get shop details, directions, phone number of the shop where the consumer promotion was being run

The Differentiators that make you Asias Most Promising Brands 2018-2019?

Creambell Ice Cream in merely 15 years has propelled itself as one of the fastest growing ice cream brands in the country and amongst the top 5 nationally. Over the years, it has delighted the taste buds of Indian consumers by providing them many category first innovations like Ice Cream cake, Sacch Mucch Aam (Sorbet), Chockerz (Stickless Bars), Ice Cream Sandwich.

Additionally, the brand has invested heavily on its cold chain to ensure that product reaches the consumer’s in an ideal state thus enhancing the moment of consumption. In fact, in the last 3 years, Cream Bell has been adjudged as having the best cold chain in the industry

Moreover, we have been preferred partners of Ice Cream with International hotel chains, internationally renowned QSRs chains and international airports which shows the acceptance of our products across the most acclaimed institutions.


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