Most Valuable Brands: Reviews of the Best Brands in India

Selection of India’s Most Valuable Brands


The Brands reviewed in this website are reviewed after various research and a competition winning process by the most powerful brands in India and Asia. The reviews are done after a primary research with consumers and brands in India. The real Powerbrands in India are selected and reviewed after multiple rounds of research, surveys (online and offline). The reviews of the best brands in India are from WCRC Insights research of Brands of the Year, India’s Most Valuable Brands, Most Loved Brands and Asia’s Most Promising Brands

Our Competitions

Our Brand Rating Competitions include Brands of the Year, India’s Most Loved Brands and India’s Most Valuable Brands. Our research and analysis are based upon Net Favourability, Social Media Success, Consumer Engagements, Secondary Reports and Primary Questions with Brands and Consumers. Our competitions include competitive analysis and consumer surveys. 

Asia's Most Valuable Business Brands 2018


The differentiated concept for print, broadcast and digital media involving the most valuable brands of the year among consumers for Innovation, Aspiration, Admiration. The only brands credibility benchmark process, which concentrates on sales boost through BRANDSTUBE, a property of WCRCINT. Brand trust and loyalty benchmarking via Research and Analysis by ibrands 360 in the most transparent format of online survey, online voting, primary and secondary surveys, validated comprehensively by checks and balances to reinforce precision and authenticity. The Most Valuable Business Brands of the year is based on the broad parameters of brand value proposition, brand persona, prestige, brand reinvention, social conscience, marketing connect and ‘Cult Premium’ (propensity to influence consumer action), rendering it a greater wide-sweeping and multi-dimensional competitive advantage. Innovative concept across all presentation formats. The largest multi-platform brand project, showcasing the chosen brands in the grandest version of print, portal and broadcast media formats. Others are primarily single-medium. Asia’s Most Valuable Business Brands defines the WHO’s WHO in the world of brands in business



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