India’s Most Valuable Brands – Lakme, THE INDIGENOUS BEAUTY SOLUTION

India’s Most Valuable Brands – Lakme, THE INDIGENOUS BEAUTY SOLUTION

Lakmé has continually evolved itself to offer a wide range of high performance and world class colour cosmetics, skincare products and beauty salons. Combining international cosmetic technology with an in-depth understanding of the Indian woman’s needs, Lakmé also offers its consumers a comprehensive beauty experience.


India's Most Valuable Brands, LakmeLakmé’s introduction in the Indian market can be traced back to the early 1950s when an economic survey in India revealed that the Indian women were splurging on imported cosmetics. The news sadly affected the then Prime Minister, Jawahar Lal Nehru, who felt that this expenditure was affecting the forex reserves. And so, Nehru hit upon the idea of a home-grown-beauty brand. He further asked the well-known entrepreneur of India, JRD Tata, to come up with a solution. Experts and chemical engineers from the beauty industry were hired to come over with the challenge of creating a premium Indian cosmetic brand. And so, ‘Lakmé’ was born.

With more awareness and consciousness about beauty and beauty products, Lakmé believes that it is not just good enough to satisfy the consumers but also to delight them with its product and service experience. The challenge is to offer an unparalleled experience each time the consumer interacts with the brand.

Lakmé was started as a 100 per cent subsidiary of Tata Oil Mill. It was hugely successful and in 1996, Tata sold its stake in Lakmé to HUL (earlier called HLL) for $45 million as it felt that HUL, being an FMCG company, will do justice to the company. And, hence, HUL has continued to efficiently nurture the brainchild of JRD. Lakmé, the first Indian cosmetic brand, takes pride in being an expert on Indian beauty. The brand deals in the field of cosmetics, focussing on hair colour, skin care, sun protection, make-up and hair care.

India's Most Valuable Brands, LakmeINNOVEDGE
Lakmé Beauty Salons, an endeavour which is not restricted to just offering beauty care services, provides an exquisite experience to the customer all over India. It provides a 360 degree holistic experience to its customers. Lakmé Fashion Week (LFW), a bi-annual event, is one of the most coveted fashion events organised by the brand.

BRAND PROMISE Lakmé was named after the French opera and the brand also derives its name from the Sanskrit word ‘Lakshmi’. The name was perfect as it actually brought wealth to the nation by saving precious forex and it appealed well to the upper middle class women due to its elite French name.

1. Lakmé is the first Indian cosmetic brand
2. Lakmé was started as a 100 per cent subsidiary of Tata Oil Mill
3. Lakmé Beauty Salons provides a 360-degree holistic experience

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