India’s Most Valuable Brands – Nature Fresh, THE FRESH CONNECTION

India’s Most Valuable Brands – Nature Fresh, THE FRESH CONNECTION

Nature Fresh is Cargill’s first and only home grown brand that cuts across all the 3 verticals – Consumer Pack, Commercial Pack and B2B; and also multiple categories in oil, fats and atta. All verticals and categories stand on the brand core of nature’s best – processed and packed.

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India's Most Valuable Brands - Nature FreshBLAZE TO BRILLIANCE
With 150 years of global expertise, Cargill’s strength lies in procuring finest quality seeds/crude oil, processing it just the right way to preserve nature’s goodness and pack it to retain the freshness till the time the product is consumed. The consumer product range by Nature Fresh caters to the aspirers who lead an active life to chase their dreams and aspirations.

In today’s fast paced life one needs to stay active round the clock. That is why it is important to eat right as intake of healthy meal forms the foundation to an active life. Cargill’s Nature Fresh values the importance of being active to be ready to take on the challenges of life. From the preservation of nature’s goodness to retention of freshness till consumption, Nature Fresh provides a varied range of products that help in holistic development of the consumers and helps them prepare for daily challenges of life.

India's Most Valuable Brands - Nature FreshENGAGEMENT THAT ENTHRALLS
Cargill’s expertise in importing oil, procuring wheat and a strong supply chain catering to the host of brands it has in its portfolio have ensured delivery of great value to the consumer. Nature Fresh Actilite Soyabean & Sunflower Oil come with DMPS which prevents excess oil getting absorbed in food, and less consumption of oil makes the food light on stomach which in turn keeps the consumer comparatively more active. Its Purita Kachi Ghani mustard oil serves the right pungency and overall quality assurance from Cargill, making it a rich tang in food. The Nature Fresh range of oils is available in multiple pack sizes and has many variants. It is also available as Nature Fresh Shakti – refined palmolein oil and Nature Fresh olive oil. It is one of the leading brands in east and north India.

Nature Fresh also offers Chakki Atta – packaged whole wheat flour. It is available in various pack sizes.

As India is witnessing a trend towards more working population and a larger consuming class, it also is seeing a larger number of lifestyle and food related ailments. In this context, Nature Fresh will work towards innovations in terms of processing and value adds to create products that would cater to the contemporary lifestyle demands. Since the needs of different consumers in different parts of this country will be different, the brand will work towards customisation of products to cater to the specific needs.

The Nature Fresh brand promises the best of nature to give more nutrition, constantly nourishing to maintain energy levels so that the consumers lead an active life.

1. Year of Establishment of the Brand: 2000
2. Total Number of Employees in the Company: 2300+

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