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Most Valuable Medico-aesthetic Clinic in India

Oliva recognizes everyone’s aspiration to be naturally beautiful. They are a chain of medico-aesthetic clinics and a home to qualified Cosmetic Dermatologists and Trichologists, who deliver real results for all skin and hair concerns. Oliva Clinics are proud to be known as one-stop-solution for all hair and skin problems in Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai.

They bring to you the aesthetics of beauty and the science of medical knowledge as a unified service under one roof. Many people have been undertaking Oliva’s treatments to make their skin supple and radiant with a beautiful glow. From reducing all grades of acne, treating pigmentary concerns, acne scars, sun damage, ageing concerns, unwanted hair removal, hair fall and hair thinning; they take care of all your skin and hair concerns. The brand enjoys high trust and goodwill from over a lakh of its happy clients. The clinic has highly qualified cosmetic dermatologists and other skin and hair care therapists to analyze each problem that the customer has, and to recommend solutions that are personalized. This has helped them secure a strong base of loyal clients. Oliva’s treatment through in-depth research findings, validates that there is a huge scope for customized skin treatment. This is Oliva’s biggest strength since it is one of the leading clinics which offers personalized solutions and expert advice for skin and hair problems of its clients.

At Oliva, the focus is on hiring the best talent with an ideal cultural fit. They have a highly qualified and one of the largest team of over 50 Dermato-trichologists across 16 clinics in Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad. They truly believe that satisfied employees lead to happy clients and lay huge emphasis on a healthy and happy workplace, with incredible infrastructural and hygienic conditions.

Each of your visit at Oliva is led by their expert doctors who begin with a comprehensive skin analysis and take stock of your overall medical condition, before sharing your treatment plan, exclusive for you. Their carefully balanced combination of aesthetic and clinical approach – from a simple skin peel to a more advanced medical procedure – is determined to suit your own unique individual skin and body needs. The brand has established this holistic approach to give you the benefits of what the best in the field of science and aesthetics has to offer. Oliva is, by far, the most comprehensive medico-aesthetic clinic that you can choose.

Oliva is India’s leading chain of dermatologist-backed clinics, committed to delivering flawless skin and healthy hair. Equipped with state-of-art, USFDA approved safe technologies, stringent and constantly updated protocols. Their solutions span from Laser Hair Removal, Anti-Ageing, Pigmentation, Acne/ Scars, Hair loss, hair thinning, Hair transplants and a wide range of dermatologist formulated retail products.

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