Nourish: Choice for the healthy

Most Valuable Packaging Food and Edible Oil Brand in India

Nourish Logo
Nourish Logo

Nourish: Choice for the healthy

Most Valuable Packaging Food and Edible Oil Brand in India

Food is a part of the foundation of culture and community. Opting for healthy and quality food is an effectual choice for personal and planetary health. Nourish foods are free from chemicals and burst with more nutrition, taste and seeks out for sustainable sustenance.

Nourish is a unique brand, by BL Agro Industry limited with a proud history and a bright future. Nourish products are manufactured to must make an explicit and positive contribution to address the current healthy lifestyle issues. With a history that goes back to 50 years, B.L. Agro Industries Ltd. Is a company with a simple corporate objective- to manufacture, package and market the purest possible edible oils and food products. Nourish foods have higher levels of vitamins, minerals and micronutrients than conventionally grow and packed foods. The products under nourish provide for approximately 60% more nutrition than other products.

High level of chemical fertilizers and pesticides are poisons. Nourish products are manufactured and packed understanding your health needs. Nourish edible oils contains healthy unsaturated fats which help in maintaining and reducing cholesterol levels. Understanding the lifestyle changes and challenges associated with it, nourish products are manufactured with the best in class techniques and technology to ensure a healthy lifestyle. From getting rid of fats, to strengthening of bones, to gluten free products, nourish products have marked a tremendous growth in the required market scenario.

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With over 12 products spanning distinct categories such as Nourish Chakki Fresh Atta, Chana Besan, Roasted Daliya, Flaxseeds and all routine pulses and cereals the Company is a part of the everyday life of consumers across India. The brand is fast gaining widespread acceptance and is presented in a unique, world class, packaging that has won various awards for sustainability as well as aesthetics. For both edible oils as well as Nourish FMCG food products, the group has never fell short of innovations. They have their own distinguished specifications regarding purity, taste and other characteristics. B.L. Agro has the most advanced and updated facilities to ensure food products have their natural nutrients to maximum level. The research and development department is consistently working to produce modified and customized food products as per evolving consumer tastes. The machines and the systems are so designed to produce the highest quality products as per the specifications based on consumer preference and demand.

Nourish as brand is introduced with a clear and compelling vision to double the size of the business, while reducing the lifestyle challenges and increasing the positive social impact on the lives of thousands of people. True enthusiasm for a business, its products, and its mission cannot be faked. Employees at nourish can be seen cheerleading from a mile away. The team of expert professionals at nourish combines their multinational expertise with deep roots in diverse local cultures. They continue to provide a range of products to suit the wealth of consumers.

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