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Most Valuable High-end Power and Industrial Equipments and Solutions in India

Crompton Greaves is a $2 billion engineering conglomerate with an impressive and diverse portfolio of products, solutions and services ranging from high-end power and industrial equipments and solutions, to consumer products and home appliances, addressing myriad needs.

Enjoying a reputation of stature for over seven decades, CG, which originated in India, has transformed itself into a global corporation. With a permanent footprint and manufacturing facilities in nine countries across Asia, Europe and North America, CG is fast emerging as a first choice supplier of high quality, “smart” electrical, industrial and consumer products and solutions all over the world.


  • CG is a USD 2 billion engineering conglomerate
  • Crompton Greaves is well positioned to provide its customers with technology-driven products and valueadded solutions
  • It is the manufacturer of the largest rating of power transformer and largest static var compensation system
  • It manufactured the fi rst largest rating power transformer (320 MVA)

The product portfolio of Crompton Greaves pumps consists of more than 2000 models, making it the only company to have the biggest range of models catering to different areas of application.
As the customer remains at the top of Crompton Greaves’ scheme of things, the company constantly strives for excellence in delivery. All the Crompton Greaves’ facilities across the world have taken actions to ensure that the customers get a consistent and uniform quality for all Crompton Greaves pump products and solutions in all parts of the world.

CG boasts technology portfolio that includes transformers, switchgears, motors and a wide range of consumer products with many firsts to its credit such as the manufacturer of the largest rating power transformer (320 MVA) to leave Indian shores, the manufacturer of the largest static var compensation (Statcom) system for wind-farm applications, the first Indian company to introduce polycrete insulation technology for medium-voltage outdoor dry type-voltage apparatus and many more.
Thanks to its well structured and validated business model, Crompton Greaves is well positioned to provide its customers with technology-driven, value-added solutions, leveraging a broad product portfolio on one hand, and enhancing the entire value-chain quality, delivery and services on the other.

Understanding the changing industrial needs, Crompton Greaves has been aggressively investing in research and development (R&D), product certifications, product quality, productivity enhancement and operational excellence. Crompton Greaves Global R&D centre, located in India, has been recognised for its innovation and received the prestigious ‘National Award for the Best R&D Efforts’.

Crompton Greaves pumps come with BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) star ratings. The compliance to BEE star rating gives Crompton Greaves an edge at a time when electricity saving is the main focus of the industry. Thus BEE star ratings make it beneficial for all the sectors of application and in turn deliver constant benefit to its customers.

CG is committed to its stakeholders to conduct its business in a responsible manner that creates a sustainable positive impact on the society. This means working with the underserved communities to improve the quality of their life and preserve the ecosystem that supports the communities and the company. As they expand their global footprint, they intend to focus on Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives across all their geographies. CG believes it’s their responsibility to give back to the society.

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