MAGGI – Brands of The Year 2017
Maggi, Brands of the year 2017

MAGGI – Brands of The Year 2017



Since its launch in India in 1983, MAGGI 2-Minute Noodles has always created good food moments and experiences that have been etched in our memories.


The company’s mission is to enhance quality of life and contribute to a healthier future. Since the brand’s inception, its advertising campaigns have also found their way into the hearts of consumers. ‘Me and Meri MAGGI’ was a landmark  campaign created for the brand’s completion of 25 years in India. As a celebration of the unique bond and love between MAGGI and its consumers, thousands of people shared their unique MAGGI stories and personal experiences of recipes, travel, survival, coming of age, and more with the brand. Some of these stories were handpicked and advertising was created featuring the actual consumers. These were shared back with the larger audience through communication comprising advertising and packaging.

Maggi, Brands of the year 2017


MAGGI Noodles is a part of about 70% urban Indian households and with more than 2.5 Bio serves that are consumed by people every year (2x Indian population) it can be an ideal carrier for iron fortification and thus contributes to closing the gap of Iron deficiency.With this objective Maggi has added Goodness of Iron in every pack of MAGGI noodles. The company has also also set up a helpline number for  consumers where they can receive all necessary information about significance of iron and iron rich foods which they should incorporate in their diet.



This flagship offering of Brand MAGGI has created deep bonds over the years with consumers which extend across demographics and geographies. Each one of us has a personal MAGGI Story to share. It has redefined the idea of the small meal in India – a uniquely tasty meal that is simple to make and yet customizable to one’s own tastes and needs.  Emotionally, it’s akin to a bowl of happiness, firmly rooted in ‘food’ values, that evokes the feeling of mother’s warmth and that of the kitchen. In 2015, the product was absent from the retail shelves.It was a time of tribulation for the brand. Listening to the unequivocal love that consumers demonstrated using social media, it felt as though they were missing one of their own. The brand reciprocated their feelings with the highly acclaimed #WeMissYouToo campaign on digital media. All consumer communication that ensued during this period such as #WelcomeBack and #NothingLikeMAGGI mirrored the consumers’ unique relationship with the brand.



Maggi uses highly sophisticated technology to rapidly test for a wide range of microorganisms and substances that are harmful to human health. In 2013, the company  opened the most advanced laboratories of their kind in the industry to study food borne pathogens and help it to respond to emerging risks.Adhering to Nestlé’s rigorous quality policies and testing protocol, these 11 laboratories test the raw materials used in our products as well as the finished product to ensure food safety.



While MAGGI Masala Noodles has been the most popular offering, the brand has constantly innovated. MAGGI Oats and Atta variants of the noodles have been introduced keeping in mind Nestlé’s commitment to Nutrition, health  and wellness. To continue creating excitement in the noodles category, MAGGI Hotheads was launched for those who love spicy flavours. More recently, MAGGI  Masalas of India launched 4 regional flavours inspired by the diversity of India. As a leading food brand, MAGGI has also successfully extended itself into other categories such as cooking aids, pasta, soups and sauces. <


Power facts

300 people workforce in quality assurance in India.

Nine laboratories dedicated to quality assurance and also work with two external third- party laboratories for independent analysis.

Maggi is a part of about 70% urban Indian households

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