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India’s Fastest Growing Companies 2018-2019



Recognition of India’s Fastest Growing Companies on 5th September in New Delhi. The Fastest Growing Companies is a list based on the quintessential company growth factors of Workplace Culture, Innovations and Corporate Governance. They are real tribute to the growth of companies and tireless efforts of the management and the workforce. Our methodology scales the efforts and depth of work by the management and employees, leadership that have given growth and impetus to the company. India’s Fastest Growing Companies list is widely available in national and global media through online features, lists and a coffee table book available to the best in the country.


India's Fastest Growing Companies
India’s Fastest Growing Companies

WCRC 2nd Edition: India’s Fastest Growing Companies in 2018-2019, 5th September, New Delhi

Workplace Culture, Innovation and Corporate Governance


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Research & Audit Methodology: The 9 factors of a powerful company engagement that decides the Fastest Growing Companies 

We have built an academically tested and verified model that justifies the emergence of the fastest growing companies. We have deliberately deleted the revenues as multiple industries have different revenue consideration and cannot be taken as a true factor of growth.

We break down survey results to reflect how your organisation performs across the 9 Powerful factors based on Workplace Culture, Innovation and Corporate Governance. Our methodology states that these 3 Prime factors determine the future of Companies and accelerates a journey of Good to Great.


Workplace Culture

The level of engagement employees
feel with their job and organisation. Our methodology scans the engagement employees have with the company.
The survey on workplace insights measures up to the growth strategies of the company. Our methodology and survey questions the workplace dynamics and suggests actionable solutions
How employees feel about training
and their future prospects. The overall Training & Development in divisions



The essential factors of Brand and Product Innovations that have made the company grow.
Advertising, Marketing and Brand Fortification strategies implemented
The innovations in the product and factors that have generated trust and confidence with consumers and shareholders

Corporate Governance

Profile of Company leadership and management. Measures taken for the growth of the company
Transparency factors of the management, leadership and assurance policies to its stake holders, shareholders and consumers
How robust are the policies and implementation of the company with its statutory and compliances policies and implementations



Companies with operations in India and a minimum number of 50 employees and not exceeding 2000 employees.



How do you benefits from the Award & Feature of India’s Fastest Growing Companies


1) Increased visibility with investors
2) Customer recognition and trust
3) Brand recognition and growth
4) Positive influence on employee motivation and retention
5) Global and national media and social exposure
6) Special Book and Online Feature of the company
7) Special TV Episode for the company and the leader
8) Valued Networking Opportunities at the Fastest Growing Companies event in London
9) Award & Felicitation at a grand event in London that provides global and national media and PR Mileage


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