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ibrands 360 prides itself on the maximum number of brand projects taken out in the last 5 years. We pride ourselves on presenting souls of brands through our research, publications, websites, awards and events

We have achieved more than 21 events in the last 5 years. More than 700 brands have been our clients from various parts of the world. Our events and awards have been attended by the best in the world. Our logo symbol license have been used by the most number of clients in India.

At ibrands 360 our culture s based on insights that help a brand grow. Our feature publications have featured our clients and brands in the most amazingly designed format reaching out to corporate. Our global promotions focus the brands that really make an impact. Our culture revolves around building brands

  • Brand Consulting 80%
  • Editorial & Research 90%
  • Online Branding Support 75%

Our Work 

India's Most Valuable Brands

The 3rd edition of India’s Most Valuable Brands. Ranking of the 100 Most Valuable Business Brands in India

Brands of the Year

The hottest brands of the year, selected for innovations, trust and consumer impact

Most Loved Brands

The No 1 Brand of each category. Brands who are the most loved in India.

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