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Most Valuable Antacid in India

Digene has been an indispensable part of the first aid box at home for decades. Long before so many antacids flooded the market, Digene provided relief from bouts of acidity and indigestion to millions of people.

With a heritage spanning seven decades in India, Digene has been bringing healthcare solutions to the market addressing the Indian consumers’ healthcare needs.


  • According to company estimates, approximately 29,000 doctors prescribe Digene every month
  • In 2012, Digene was dubbed as the largest selling antacid in India
  • Digene has been positioned as the number one antacid prescribed by doctors in India
  • In a survey conducted across all the antacids in India, Digene was found to be very eff ective in neutralising acid

Digene’s success is driven by a combination of a highly competent and motivated commercial team, research and development backed products aided by strong alliances and partnerships. According to company estimates, with 5.5 million prescriptions annually, approximately 29,000 doctors prescribe Digene every month. In 2012, Digene was dubbed as the largest selling antacid in India.
Abbott, Digene’s parent company, is also one of the largest and diversified global healthcare and fastest growing pharmaceutical companies in India. Abbott India is headquartered in Mumbai. It is a publicly listed company and a subsidiary of Abbott Laboratories. It enjoys strong brand equity in multiple therapeutic categories such as women’s health, gastroenterology, neurology, thyroid, diabetes and urology, pain management, vitamins, anti- infective and other therapy areas.

With a market share of 35 per cent in India, Digene registered a tremendous growth of 16 per cent in 2010. In a study done with Digene gel and tablets and other six commercially available antacids in India, Digene was found to have very high acid neutralising capacity (ANC).

Abbott India largely employs in-house development and medical teams to undertake product and clinical development tailored to meet the needs of the Indian market. On similar lines, ensuring compliance with international quality standards, Digene’s manufacturing plant is designed to produce high quality, high volume formulations using cost efficient processes. Equipped with ‘quick cooling action’, the all new Digene range was introduced in four flavours— mint, orange, mixed fruit and strawberry across leading chemist and retail outlets in India. Along with enhanced taste, the product promises to provide quick relief from symptoms like acidity, gas, heartburn, bloated stomach and related uneasiness.

Digene has been changing its products presentation according to changing needs. Digene launched fastmelt mouth dissolving granules in 2010. The product does not require any water for taking it and gives a refreshing taste along with a cool feeling.
Owing to the ceaseless innovation aligned to customer aspirations, Digene is the first brand to offer a coating protection to the patients by adding sodium carboxy methyl cellulose. It was also the first brand in its segment to introduce different flavours as a way of providing unique taste experience to its consumers.

The antacid and anti-flatulence market in India is valued at Rs 5.57 billion. In this ever growing business segment, Digene has been positioned as the top antacid prescribed by most doctors in India. For over 70 years now, it is hugely trusted by Indian consumers to provide fast relief from heartburn and gas.

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