B.L. Agro Industries Unmatched Purity. Distinguished Taste
B.L. Agro Industries Ltd.

B.L. Agro Industries Ltd
B.L. Agro Industries Ltd

Unmatched Purity. Distinguished Taste

Most Valuable Edible Oil & Food Products in India

B.L. Agro Industries Ltd. is established with simple corporate objectives – to manufacture, refine, package and market the purest possible edible oil and food products which will offer healthier and tastier solution to millions of consumers.

B.L. Agro Industries Ltd. is well established business conglomerate with leading brands like ‘Bail Kolhu’, ‘Nourish’, ‘Aviral Dhara’, ‘Mohan Dhara’, ‘Balance Lite’ and ‘Kamal Jyoti’. These FMCG brands stand high for their Purity and Unique Taste – building widespread brand loyalty in the market. The company has successfully introduced Nourish to various geographical areas in the country while expanding the consumer base from its existing edible oils category to a larger Food Products category.
B.L. Agro Industries Ltd’s five decade existence reflects the trust of consumers in its products. The kind of acceptance ‘Nourish’ enjoys pan India can be seen through massive response to its products Rohilkhand Laboratory and Research Centre is certified by AGMARK and NABL, Govt. of India and works with guiding philosophy – “ No compromise with quality”. B.L. Agro Industries Ltd. is committed to total consumer satisfaction and in compliance with regulatory bodies at all times its maximum effectiveness.
To synchronize with evolving consumer needs ‘Nourish’ is being promoted to consistently evolve as a brand. This has been achieved through fast extension of the product line that already includes products like ‘Nourish Chakki Fresh Atta’, ‘Chana Besan’, ‘Roasted Daliya’, ‘Flaxseeds’ and pulses like ‘Nourish Chana Dal’, ‘Nourish Urad Dal’. ‘Nourish Arhar Dal’, ‘Nourish Moong Dal’, ‘Nourish Rajma Chitra’ etc. and ‘Nourish Desi Ghee’. The brand is fast gaining widespread acceptance and is presented in a unique, world class, packaging that has won various awards for sustainability as well as aesthetics.
B.L. Agro Industries Ltd. has never fell short of innovations for both edible oils as well as Nourish FMCG food products. They have their own distinguished specifications regarding purity, taste and other characteristics. B.L. Agro Industries Ltd. has the most advanced and updated facilities to ensure food products with their natural nutrients to its maximum level. The RLRC is consistently working to produce modified and customized food products as per need of consumer tastes. The infrastructure is designed to produce the highest quality products as per the specifications based on consumer preference and demand.
B.L. Agro Industries Ltd. believes in the power of food connect- i.e. connecting people through healthy nourished food. The brand undertakes several societal initiatives. B.L. Agro Industries Ltd. has planted about 10,000 trees in the area during the last few years particularly 2000 alone 2017 and developing seven parks so as to contribute in healthy environment in industry area.
B.L. Agro Industries Ltd. has constructed over 250 toilets in the municipal area so as to compliment “Swachch Bharat Abhiyan” of Govt. of India. B.L. Agro Industries Ltd. is also setting up pollution control devices viz., (a) different treatment plant for water pollution control and (b) air pollution control equipments for sustainable development of the brand as well as healthy environment in the region.

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