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india’s Most Valuable Brands, Blenders Pride – GOOD TASTE STAYS WITH YOU

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Blenders Pride Rare Premium Whisky is a flagship brand for Pernod Ricard, India. It commands over 55 per cent market share in the premium admix whisky segment. The brand is targeted at the contemporary, confident Indian; and positioned on lifestyle and good taste.

Blenders Pride was launched in 1995. Made from a blend of Indian grain spirit and scotch malts, it has no artificial flavors. Consistent quality, exceptional taste and aspiration led communication has powered the brand to category leadership with current annual volume exceeding 4 Million cases.
Launched in 2011, Blenders Pride Reserve Collection whisky is an exceptional blend in which the maturation of scotch malts is done using the Solera process in the most select of casks. This smooth blend of scotch malts and Indian grain spirit has an evolved fruity palate for the discerning.

Blenders Pride epitomizes the appreciation of the fine things in life and their expression is key to good living. The brand has always embraced fashion and style. It is synonymous with glamour, celebrities and the good life that the urban millennial reflect as a life status and social badge to make an impression to others.

Strong Brand scores across the years and highly effective communication parameters have been blender-image the benchmarks for awareness, affinity and preference for the brand. Reaching a fan base of 1.2 Million, the brand has been the testimony for audiences who are an active part of the brand. The market share gains over the years and the strong brand growth has been a clear indication on the power and space the brand occupies in the consumers mind.

The brand has always been the pioneer in setting lifestyle standards in the market – 1st alcohol beverage to have female protagonists in its communication, one of the first and biggest fashion tours in India. The brand has further developed the most expensive Indian whisky – Blenders Pride Reserve
Collection that is a success in a short span of time with over 1.5 Lac cases. The brand is constantly evolving and innovating maintaining its market leader and iconic status. Blenders Pride Fashion Tour has evolved to a larger canvas style encompassing fashion, design, music and technology as the key facets. The brand has been innovative in below the line initiatives like augmented reality, style flash mobs and selfies.

Blenders Pride aims to remain aspirational, maintain its market leadership and continue to build its iconic status. Consistent positioning and strategic targeting has led to brand to constantly evolve and remain relevant to consumers.

1. Blenders Pride was launched in 1995
2. Strong Brand scores across the years and highly effective communication parameters have been the benchmarks for awareness, affinity and preference for the brand
3. It is made from a blend of Indian Grain spirit and Scotch Malts, it has no artificial flavors

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